Hardwood floors are becoming popular recently. You will find hardwood floors in hotels, even in the countryside. Simultaneously, people start to follow some old fashions; hardwood floors are one of them. However, if you have these floors, you need to find the best ways of hardwood cleaning. There are different ways of doing so.

Furthermore, you will get the natural solution to clean your hardwood floor. And by following those ways, you will enjoy the cleanest hardwood floors.

After thorough research, we came out with some best ways to clean hardwood floors. You can use any one of those that suits you best. Also, there you will find the natural way to clean the wood floor. At the same time, this is going to be a good cleaning guideline for your hardwood floor.

Best ways of hardwood cleaning

Best ways of hardwood cleaning

To clean the hardwood floors, you will find various ways. Whenever you search for the best ways of hardwood cleaning, the comprehensive solution might appear in your google search list. But here we came out with some remarkable and natural ways to clean your wood floors.

Before introducing the ways, you need to know something. Water makes the wood weak. If you keep using water for years and don’t dry the floors, hardwood floors will lose their durability. Soon, you will need to replace the wood floors. So, avoid keeping your wood floors wet for long.

Let’s go through the ways.

Clean the hardwood floors naturally

Some chemicals will undoubtedly help you clean the wood floors. But if you have children and pets in your house, you should avoid them. But sometimes, you may need to use them in case the floors get strong stains. In any other case, you should follow the natural process.

The process needs some water and soap. Then mix them well but not too much. After that, mop the floor well. It is effortless and straightforward. And then dry properly. After mopping, make sure there is no water left. In this case, you can use the dryer or your selling fan if you have one.

There is another natural way to hardwood cleaning. And that is to use vinegar. Vinegar is a useful ingredient in terms of cleaning. In this process, you can use ½ cup of vinegar with lukewarm water. And the mixture works nice. Also, it won’t affect your wooden floors either.

How to clean wood floors with MOP

MOP is a good cleaning instrument. You can easily clean your wood floors without facing any issues. But there are different types of MOP available in the market. But you will require to buy the best one that can adequately clean your hardwood floor.

MOP that can have a standard bucket will give you an additional facility. Also, if you have a large house and huge floors, a large bucket would give you a good water backup. You can use detergent with a bucket full of water and mix it properly. Then clean the floors. After that, dry up the wet feet.

How to remove stains from hardwood floors

Best ways of hardwood cleaning can’t complete without the tips of removing stains. In every house, floors get some colors after a particular time. But no worries, there are some solutions as well.

The first solution is to use floor wax. It is a fantastic ingredient to clean the wood floor’s stain. But this will need some time to soak properly. But if you still notice the dark spot, you should use vinegar there. Put some vinegar in the dark place and let it for 1 hour or so. Let the vinegar soak the site entirely. And then clean that area.

Oil-based stain:

In hardwood cleaning, you need to know how to clean oil-based paints. Oil-based stains are the most challenging part of hardwood cleaning. First of all, you need to use the detergent and water mixture. Put them on the geese area and wait for till the stain mix with the variety. And rub that spot area. But if you still find the stains follow the same process again. Regardless of being the most challenging stains, you will get rid of this issue quickly after using this natural process.

Removing watermark:

Watermark remains the most demanding and most challenging part of hardcore cleaning. Also, No one completes the best ways of hardcore cleaning until you successfully remove the watermark.

However, to remove the watermark, you need to use some sand over the spot and wait for a bit. After that, make sure you use the steel rub upon them. That’s how you can remove the watermark from hardwood floors.

How to find the best wood floor cleaner

Floors cleaner is one of the best ways to clean the hardwood floors. And there are specific cleaners that are made for only wood floors. As the chemical do harm your wood floors, cleaner having natural treatment will give you the best wood floor cleaning experience.

Moreover, if you don’t have a cleaner and plan to buy one, make sure you purchase the wood floor cleaner. You will find thousands of alternatives on Amazon. Check out the customer review and features, and then make your final decision. That’s how you can get the best wood floor cleaner.

How to maintain the routine in terms of hardwood cleaning

You have a cleaning routine or schedule. If not the case, make your cleaning schedule. Also, the number of cleaning in a week or month mostly depends on your home traffic. If you have a larger family, you need to clean the wood floors twice a week. On the other hand, for small families, once a week would be lovely.

However, despite the number, you always need to use something regularly that will help you clean out the dust and the pet hair at the same time. Here you can use a mop with soft cloths. Soft cloths will attract dust and coat nicely. Therefore, you can properly clean your hardwood floors by following these simple tips.

Best ways of hardwood cleaning

How do I bring my old hardwood floors back to life?

Old hardwood floors might fall you into some difficulties as they require tiresome hours. Besides, your old hardwood floors might get numerous stains and watermarks. Therefore, to make it new again, you can follow easy tips with a simple process.

If the case is old hardwood, you should use any revitalizer like Rejuvenates wood floor restorer. When you fill the scratches and the watermark with a revitalizer, you will get a new version of the old wood floor. As a hardwood cleaning method, it works amazingly.

Can you use Olive-Oil on your wood floors?

It is another popular question. Sometimes, people suffer from hesitation. But olive-oil works better on the hardwood floors. It will increase the shiny looking of your dull wood floors. Also, it will help to soak the water so that wood floors will be safe and durable.

So, if you have questions or confusion about olive oil,

How do I make my hardwood floor scratch resistant?

Scratch makes the wood floor ugly. You also feel uncomfortable by seeing your wood floors having scratches. What’s the solution then?

At first, wood floors tend to magnate the scratches. Without doing anything, you will start to see some scratches on your floors after using them for a few days only. Moreover, wood has different categories. If you buy solid wood, it will take more scratches easily.

On the other hand, if you buy polish wood from any renowned brand, you won’t notice any scratches for months. Though it will cost you more, it’s worth the price. But that’s not everything. You need to follow some tips.

The first one would be to use coats of finish. And then put some penetrating oils. Both of them are very helpful in terms of getting a scratch-free wooden floor.

What is the most classic hardwood floor color?

Yellow and Tan are your perfect match. Therefore you can select any one of them. These two are considered the most classic colors for the hardwood floor. But here comes another twist. We are not saying to go for any bitter canary Yellow rather the buttery scotch one of the warm honey. These two will go in your home perfectly.

Final Thought

Hardwood cleaning is a simple process. Instead of cleaning frequently and hard, do it smartly. After following our tips and tricks, you will learn how you can wash and remove the stains. Also, we described the entire process so that our readers will find it more engaging.

However, you will get hundreds of different ways to clean your wooden floors. But when you ask about the best ways of hardwood cleaning, those are the most useful tips you will ever find.