Blender cleaning is routine work. If you use your blender every day to make smoothies or any other drinks, you need to clean it properly. But the question is how to clean a blender?

There are several ways to clean your blender. But we found the three best ways to do so. You can clean your blender in three steps. They are:

  1. Clean the container and cups
  2. Clean the base
  3. Clean the blades

Also, you can clean the entire blender at a time. We will also show you this quick way. If you want to clean your blender quickly, this might be an ideal cleaning method. And that will be our first step. Let’s explore them.

Method 1: Clean the container and cups

The first cleaning method is to clean your container and blade together. First, pour warm water into your Carafe and then put some soap or detergent. Here it would be best if you were a little bit cautious. Before adding detergent, make sure your blender is dishwasher safe. In other cases, you need to avoid detergent.

After pouring soap and warm water, switch on your blender. Before on your blender, make sure you properly lid your blender. After that, you will blend the water and soap. Could you do it for a few moments? Make sure the water and soap blend together and your blend container or Carafe is cleaned.

When you are running out of time but need to clean your blender, follow this step. You can clean your blender in a couple of minutes. This is the shortest and easiest way to clean a blender. You will find several videos on youtube, and most of them will show you this step in detail. But the summary is the same.

Moreover, if your blender is very cloudy and messy, you need to follow some tactics.

First, you have to pour warm water into the Carafe and then pour enough soap or detergent. And let it be for overnight. After 6-12 hours, you will get a nice and clean blender. To make it better, make sure you first blend the water and soup and then again pour the warm water and soap. In addition, you can add lemon to your blend. It will enhance the power and clean the blender efficiently. Then wait for the following day. You’re done.

So in this step, you will need:

  1. Warm water
  2. Soap or detergent
  3. Lemon (for overnight use and cloudiness)

Now it’s time to clean the cups and lid. You can follow the same trips. But it would be best if you used a big bowl in this regard.

First, take enough warm water in the bowl and then add some soap and mix them. After that, let your blender cups and lids be in the mixture for a couple of minutes. You can use your hand to properly clean and wash the cups and cover.

After washing all these parts, be sure your blender parts are all dry. You can hang them for hours and let them dry.

Method 2: Clean the base

Now comes the crucial part of cleaning a blender. The base is the central part of a blender. You need to be very careful cleaning the blender’s base.

Firstly, you need to wipe around the base. You have to do it perfectly. All the dust and regular stains will go away. This is the first step of cleaning your floor.

Secondly, to clean the switches and the gap between them. To do so, you can use cotton. Or something that can quickly go through the gap. It is the right way to clean the base.

Finally, you can detach the Carafe from the base and clean the machine part as well. But make sure this part is not hot. If so, you should wait for a moment. It will be calm and ready to be cleaned.

You can use wet tissue as well. On the other hand, if you find a vital stain, you may use warm water and a soap mixture. They are very effective in this case.

Blender base cleaning is a tiresome task. You can easily clean the Carafe, but you need some time to clean the entire base. There is no shortcut solution. It becomes harder if you let your blender base unclean for weeks. People usually do this.

But to make things easier, you can clean the base every time you use the blender. Maybe you can wipe the bottom. It works like magic. As a result, there will be no strong stain on your blender. You can easily clean the base perfectly weekly. But if you don’t touch it or clean it and wait for the weekend, there is a chance to get some hard stains. That would become a tiresome job to clean.

Let’s say you already have some stains on the blender base. What should be the solution?

First, you need to make a mixture of lemon and soap/detergent. Then take a cleaner or squeezer and adequately clean the base. That’s how you can get rid of solid stains.

Method 3: Clean the blades

After following step 1, you might see some cloudiness in your blade. Because of using the blade for weeks, it is common to find cloudiness. However, you have the solution. There is nothing to worry about.

First of all, you have to take out the blades from the blender. This is a must-do job to clean a blender. You should not clean the Carafe with your hand having blades. So, detach the blades first.

After that, make a mixture of warm water and soap. You may also add some lemon. Then let the blades be there for hours.

Finally, you have your blades without any clouds.

Here is the stain issue again. If you find some strong stains on your blade, it would be tough to remove them. We already described the solution on how to get rid of solid stains. Just follow those steps. You will surely see the difference.

There is another solution. You may follow method one here. That means you can make a mixture of water, soap, and lemon. And then let the blades be there for the entire night or day. Strong stains will go away.

Before following this step, at first try out the simple one. And keep the dishwasher safe in your mind. Never use detergent if you have a blender. That is not dishwasher safe.

These are the three simple methods of cleaning a blender. But are these methods applicable to every blender?

Mostly yes. But make sure you know your blender. There might be some blenders where you cannot use warm water inside the Carafe. Then what would be the solution?

, avoid using warm water. You can use regular water in this case. And make your mixture using normal water. But you need to add more lemon. Lemon juice will help your mix be strong enough for stains.

You already know how to clean a blender perfectly, right? At least, after reading this article, you got the point. Now it’s time to learn some essential facts. We call them after the cleaning steps.

After cleaning steps

Step 1: You need to hang the Carafe or cups. After washing them or cleaning, your cups and Carafe will still have some water. So it is better to turn them and let them dry. This step is also essential because you will damage your blender material if you let the water. 

Step 2: Assemble your blender parts. After proper cleaning, you cannot instantly assemble the blender. People often make this mistake. As a result, blender performance will reduce day by day. You have to dry them properly and then assemble the parts.

You may think this is tiresome. It is not.

If you are in a hurry, and you make a juice. You can follow our method one. Then detach the parts. When you get time, you will assemble them.

If you are looking for a dishwasher-safe blender, you may check our dishwasher-safe ninja blenders. You might get the best match for you.

How to clean a blender
Cleaning a Blender

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How do you clean a dirty blender?

First, pour the warm water into the Carafe. Add some soap. Then run the blender for about 30 seconds. You’re done. This is the simplest way to clean a dirty blender. But if you want to know the details and the perfect cleaning method, read our entire article. You will get everything.

Can the blender be washed?

Yes, you can wash your blender if it is dishwasher safe. So before the dishwasher, make sure your blender is safe for it. Otherwise, you need to clean it manually with soapy water. And then dry it properly.

How do you get stains out of a blender jar?

You have to make a mixture using warm water, soap, and lemon. And let your Carafe and cups also lids into the mix overnight. Your blender will get out of stains.

Again, you can do it manually. If you think the jar has a strong stain, then you can make a mixture. After that, use your hand to wash them properly. This is a better way to get rid of stains.

What is the maintenance of the blender?

You may go for a daily, weekly, or even monthly routine to clean your blender. A daily cleaning routine is the best way to maintain a blender.

You can easily wipe the entire blender after every use. And at the end of the day, you may use soapy water to wash it. But if you’re busy and don’t have time to do so, you may go for a weekly routine. You can clean the blender once a week. But make sure you clean it properly.

How do you deep clean a blender blade?

As we’ve said before, you can go for a soapy water mixture and turn your blender. Wait for 30 seconds. After that, you should clean the blades. But to make it better, you can clean the blades individually.

Final Words

Cleaning is always a tiresome job. But to make everything perfect and beautiful, we do it regularly. The same goes for a blender. That’s why how to clean a blender is a burning question. But we have come up with the best solution in this regard.

We show you the three best methods to clean a blender. You can follow and get the result.

Some of the methods are very easy. You can clean the blender within 30 seconds. Also, you have options to clean your blender correctly if you have time.