Everyone wants to keep their shower tiles shiny and glowing. Due to regular use, it may become dirty. Sometimes stubborn stains, calcium, sticky stuff deposits on the shower tiles. It is not easy to get rid of these messy situations. A question may arise about how to clean shower tiles? The proper answer you will find here in this article.

There are some methods and techniques for cleaning shower tiles effortlessly. In this article, we will ensure easy methods and techniques for you. You will also know here about how to clean shower tiles without scrubbing. So, keep a look at the full article.

How to Clean Shower Tiles Without Scrubbing

Maintaining is also necessary to keep the shower tiles cleaned. I have also assembled here some tips for maintaining your tile shower floors.

Cleaning with dish detergent and vinegar

A mixture of dish detergent and vinegar is an effective solution to clean shower tiles. How to clean shower tiles? The vinegar and dish detergent is an answer for it. Vinegar shows magic for cleaning shower tiles. Vinegar will remove all the soap scums and dirt from your shower area. For applying this method, you need liquid dish detergent and white vinegar. Pour some liquid dish detergent into a spray bottle. Then pour a cup of white vinegar into the same bottle. Shake it vigorously and mix the two ingredients properly.

The mixture is ready to use. Soak the tiles with enough vinegar solution. Let it sit and wait for about twenty to forty minutes. After about one hour, wash the whole floor with normal or warm water. Washing with hot water gives better results in this perspective. One may think that vinegar may harm the tiles. Don’t worry about damage. When you apply it with water, it shows magic on tiles. This cleaning mixture will shine your tiles and eliminate all of the cruds from grout lines.
Here, you can also use dishwashing soap instead of detergent. You only need to liquefy the soap with hot water.

Use baking soda with a soft cloth.

It is challenging to clean tub areas and grout lines of shower tiles. Everyone does not know all the tricks about how to clean shower tiles. Here is another best way to eliminate stuff, debris, and dust from shower tiles. Baking soda is very effective in this case. It will also remove any stinky odors and grout stains from the shower tiles.

In this technique, you need baking soda and water. Make a toothpaste-like consistency by mixing baking soda and water. Then gently rub the baking soda paste on the affected area. Pay extra concern on the grout line and stubborn stains. Leave the space for a few minutes and rinse with water properly. Then you will discover the shiny, glowing shower tiles.
For getting the best result in stubborn stains, you can apply it just over vinegar. After touching the vinegar layer on the floors, baking soda will make bubbling.

In this way, all nasty soap scums and grout stains will route out. After subsiding the foam, use a soft cloth. Rub the area with circular motion. Do not forget to wear hand gloves. Instead of a soft cloth, you can also use a stiff brush or toothbrush. Rub the dirtier areas, corners, and crevices of the floors. After waiting some time, rinse the area with warm water frequently. Finally, you can wipe with a dry towel to prevent mold growth in the crevices. This effective method is suitable for most showers.

Use lemon juice

People use lemon juice on the dark spots of skins. It can illuminate all of the dark spots from your skin. It shows its effect on the tiles in the same way as skin. There is no space for the remaining grout line or stubborn sticky stains if you use lemon juice. It is perfect for cleaning shower tiles. Using lemon juice is a method about how to clean shower tiles without scrubbing.

For using lemon juice, you only need lemon. After taking lemon, you have to extract juice from that. Then apply that on the shower tiles and leave it for two hours. After waiting, rinse the tiles with water. Then you will discover a sparkling floor. It is very charming to get them to clean shower tiles effortlessly.

If you follow this technique, you can get the absolute result. So, do not delay getting the spotless and stainless shower tiles. Just put the lemon juice and obtain the best outcome as your expectation. You need not do any scrubbing by using this. Lemon juice is a natural beautifying agent as also a natural cleaning agent.

Use salt

Salts work by dehydrating the unicellular organisms. So, it is an effective ingredient for cleaning shower tiles. When there is nothing near your hand for cleaning, use some salt. First, rinse the shower floor with water. And then, put sufficient salt on the area. Here you have to be concerned about one fact that allows you to sit the salt for at least one night. The next day, you have to rinse the floor with water only.

Using salt is another answer for how to clean shower tiles without scrubbing. There is no need to rub in this technique of cleaning.

Use steam

Steam is another effective technique for cleaning shower tiles. Now it is available in most steam cleaners. Steam cleaner is the most efficient tool for cleaning tile floors. It is a recommended cleaner and generates high pressure.

But a steam cleaner is not suitable for all types of tiled floors. So, there is no tension about how to clean shower tiles without scrubbing. The floor will get cleaned with steam at a high temperature.

Try Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is capable of removing mold from your shower tiles. To apply this cleaning technique, you need hydrogen peroxide. Collect it from any drugstore near you. Take sufficient hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle. Then pour the same amount of water into the bottle. Then spray the mixture on the area of mold growth. Let it sit for about forty to sixty minutes. Then rinse the floor with normal water.

Spray again if there remains any mold. Leave it for ten minutes and wash that with water. You can also use it as a paste of hydrogen peroxide like baking soda. It is effective for removing grout stains.

For getting the best result, rub the affected area with a soft towel or scrub pad. Hydrogen peroxide will remove all the grout residue and all stubborn stains. Finally, rinse the grout and tiles. Then you will find cleaned and moldless shower floors.

Cleaning with hydrogen peroxide and borax

Hydrogen peroxide shows its excellent cleaning skills. It does not harm your shower tiles.
Collect hydrogen peroxide and borax from any drugstore near you. It is also cheaper than other cleaning products. Using only hydrogen peroxide is not much effective for shower tiles. It shows its charming effectiveness when combining with borax. Borax is an alkaline substance. The pH of borax is 9.3.

In this method of cleaning, pour sufficient borax on the wet tiled floor. Let it sit for about five hours. After that, make a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water. Pour the mixture on the layer of borax and extend the time for two hours. Finally, wash the floor with warm or normal water.

The combination of borax and hydrogen peroxide is more powerful. So, if you get the best result, use the two chemical sin combinations. Your shower tiles will sparkle like stars.
This method allows you to know how to clean shower tiles without scrubbing. If you get troubled with your shower tiles, use this technique without any delay.

Use Oxygen Bleach

Sometimes, you find your shower tiles with deep stains. It becomes harder to remove these types of dirt. In this case, oxygen bleach is the best choice for you.

How to clean shower tiles in case of grimy grout?

The most effective answer to this question is using oxygen bleach. It will help you to remove sticky stains and grout from your tiled floors.
In this technique of cleaning, you need some oxygen bleach at first. It is not easy to find oxygen bleach near your hand. Only some brands supply powder form of oxygen bleach. Collect sufficient powdered oxygen bleach. Then take three tablespoons of oxygen bleach. Mix it with two-gallon warm water. Stir the mixture for 3o seconds.

In this method, you also need a sponge or soft cloth. Dip one of these into the solution of bleach. Then wipe the whole shower tiles with a sponge or cloth. Pay extra care to the grout lines and corners.
After soaking all of the grout lines, leave the floor for 15-20 minutes. Then wash the shower tiles properly. If you still notice any grout stains, apply one more move. In the next stage, you can use the oxygen bleach as a sticky paste form. You will get the best effect if you use a toothbrush or grout brush. Then you will succeed in removing old stains and grout from your shower tiles. Finally, do not forget to rinse properly.

Apply Chlorine Bleach

Chlorine bleach is one of the most effective cleaning materials. You can use this chemical in extreme cases. Chlorine bleach is suitable for removing dirty grout. It may damage the fabric for a few conditions.

  • Chlorine bleach also acts as a disinfectant. It contains a strong scent.
  • Chlorine bleach is capable of disinfecting your shower tiles.
  • In this method, you need to collect some chlorine bleach from any super shop near you. Then dip the bleach on the affected area. Let it sit for about 20 minutes. Then wash the shower tiles.
  • Remember to wash any vinegar residue as it may cause a dangerous reaction with toxic chlorine gas.

Always careful from eroding your grout. Chlorine bleach is only applicable when all other cleaning methods fail.

Remove Calcium Deposits

Hard water stains sometimes leave calcium deposits on the shower tiles. If your cleaning products fail to remove it, here is a simple way. You only need some white vinegar. Dip the white vinegar on the shower tiles and leave it for 20 minutes. Then you will notice the magic. The water deposits or calcium deposits are basic and white vinegar is acidic. So, they neutralize each other.

Gently rub the shower tiles with a soft cloth. Then apply some white vinegar and leave that for further 20 minutes. If there still seems to be any stubborn crystal, use a toothbrush with vinegar paste. Finally, wash the floor with water. Then dry the shower tiles by using a towel.

Maintaining Shower Tiles

It is more necessary to know how to maintain shower tiles than how to clean shower tiles. So, maintaining shower tiles is crucial to keep that well and sparkle. Shower tiles always pass in regular usage. So, it is common to get dirty and scum, grow fungi or mildew. There are some ways to prevent mold growth and keep the floor clean for longer times.

  • Use liquid soap instead of solid soap. It is because solid soap may leave residue while liquid soap does not. So, to prevent soap scum from your shower tiles, it is wise to use liquid shower gel or soap.
  • After the everyday shower, try to spray vinegar solution three times a week. Spray the shower tiles correctly and wash with normal water.
  • After daily showering, squeegee the walls to remove dirt.
  • You can seal up the grout line for the glowing of your shower tiles.
  • Take a soft towel and do a quick rub once a day.
  • Sometimes try to keep open the door and window of your shower. It will help to prevent any mold or fungi growth.
  • Using water softeners will help you to get rid of chemical deposits on the tiled shower floors.

Final Speech

Are you worried about how to clean shower tiles? Be tension-free and look at this article. All of the easy methods and techniques are available here for you. You can find easy strategies about how to clean shower tiles without scrubbing. No one wants to lose the beauty of their shower tiles. Your shower tiles will sparkle like stars. It will happen when you maintain and clean the area of the shower properly.

Follow our recommended method. We hope you will get rid of the uncleaned area and get the glowing shower tiles. Do not forget to let us know which technique works for you. Eventually, it is not much hard to gain knowledge on how to clean shower tiles. So, apply one of the techniques and enjoy lustered shower tiles.