Don’t you know how to clean the house very easily? Following some Easiest way, you can easily clean your home. You know that it’s more important to clean the room than buying expensive furniture. There is no substitute for cleanliness to stay away from any kind of disease. But dust is an object that easily takes up space in the house and the house becomes dirty. At the same time, various germs spread. And cleaning them up is quite a hassle. However, if you know some techniques, you can easily keep the house clean. Find out-

How to Clean the House with Vinegar

Dust and dirt easily accumulate in the windows of our house. You can use white vinegar when cleaning these places. Apple cider vinegar is usually brown in color, so it can stain when used. That is why it is better to use white vinegar. When cleaning window glass, clean the interior horizontally. Clean the outer part vertically. If dust accumulates on the curtains of doors or windows, it can easily spread the disease germs. Dust first with a duster or vacuum cleaner. If the screen is heavy, you can give it a dry wash.

Cleaning Artificial Flowers

How to clean the house

Artificial flowers are one of the various tools for decorating the house. Like fresh flowers, the dust of the state can be collected in this beautiful object. So you have to clean them at least once a week. And the rule of cleaning these is to mix shampoo or detergent with water and wash these flowers or flowering plants with that water and drain the water.

Below the kitchen sink, places like the corner of the bathroom are most likely to get dirty as they are always wet. Place separate dustbins in these places. Dirt will not be scattered.

Cleaning the Floor

You can use half a cup of high-hold ammonia in one liter of water to clean the floor. Another easy way to keep the floor clean is to mix two teaspoons of salt in the water and use that saltwater to wipe the house daily. Dust and dirt accumulate in the gaps between the tiles and black spots appear. In this case, brush the liquid soap with water and rub it lightly. Black spots will be removed and look like new.

When the dust settles on furniture, many people clean it with a damp cloth, which is not good at all. Because if you clean the furniture with a wet cloth, their color can be lost. So it should be cleaned with something so that there is no damage to the color.

It is very important to keep the dining room clean. In this case, take two medium-sized lemons. Extract the juice from it and mix one teaspoon of olive oil or vegetable oil. Then spray on the table. This will keep the dining table sterile.

 How to clean the house

16 Tips to Clean the House

  1. Wipe the furniture of the house with a thin cloth while cleaning. If you sweep hard, dust and dirt will continue to fly, so clean it by soaking the cloth. Use a napkin, duster, or towel.
  2. Remove the soot from the house once a week. The corners of the house and the ceiling fan or AC are leakier so clean them first. You can use a painting brush or a long brush to clean it.
  3. If there is a bookshelf in the bedroom, clean it at least once a week. The dust in the book is more than dirt.
  4. Let the bed pillow cover be cleaned regularly. If the same cover is kept for more than a week, more dust accumulates.
  5. Many people clean windows and window curtains very rarely. But it is better to clean the curtains once a month and clean the windows by soaking a thin cloth in a week or two. This reduces the incidence of dust and dirt in the house. If the screen is heavy, you can dry wash it or wash it yourself.
  6. For regular cleaning of the mirror, clean it with a glass cleaner or a little detergent in water and wipe the glass with a dry cloth. It will not stain and the mirror will look shiny.
  7. Let your handkerchiefs and towels clean along with your clothes.
  8. Always use a wet cloth to clean the wardrobe, table, dressing table.
  9. If you have a personal PC in the house, carefully wipe it clean with a dry cloth.
  10. Remove furniture and use detergent once a month to keep the floor clean. Then wipe once with a damp cloth and finally with a dry cloth. Otherwise, the floor will remain slippery.
  11. If there is a veranda with the house, keep it clean regularly. Otherwise, the dust will enter the room easily. Clean the porch every day of the week. If there is any furniture on the verandah, keep it clean with a regular broom.
  12. Many people have many allergies to dust. It is better to wear hand gloves while cleaning.
  13. To decorate the house, clean the shops and vases with a thin cloth every day.
  14. If there are dolls arranged in the house, wash them every month. Sometimes you will drop them. It will not accumulate dust and sand.
  15. It is easy to clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner. Also, use a soft brush.
  16. It is not always possible to keep the house clean. So take a little time out and share the time to clean one thing at a time in the house. Then maybe it will be easier for you to keep the house clean and tidy! It is important to keep your house clean, even if you are busy.

To keep the house fragrant:

You have already known how to clean the house but there is the most important thing, It is better to clean the bedroom furniture with vinegar. You can also mix vinegar and a small amount of lemon juice in the water while washing pillow covers, bedsheets, etc. You can sprinkle baking soda on the living room sofa cover to disinfect it. After keeping for 30 minutes, wash the sofa cover with a damp cloth. Baking soda contains strong antiseptic ingredients.

Open all the doors and windows of the house for a short time every day. As a result, the sun and air in the house help to get rid of germs and bring back freshness in the house. Change bedsheets, pillow covers, towels every week. The dried peel of the lemon leaf and orange lemon works very well as a room freshener. Mix little dried neem leaves with sandalwood powder and keep it in one corner of the cupboard. The fragrance will spread, and the insects will stay away.

Final speech

If you follow these instructions about how to clean the house properly, you can easily clean your room or house. That can make you happier when any guest comes into your cleaned residence.