You should want to know how to clean the kitchen, If the cooking area is open and clean, the interest in cooking should increase. It is also convenient to work when the kitchen is tidy and all the necessary items are available at hand and the work takes less time. But in today’s mechanical life, keeping the kitchen tools clean and tidy has become a huge issue. Here are some simple tips to help you solve this problem.

Problem solve to clean the kitchen

A major problem in the kitchen is the accumulation of grease/oil next to the gas stove which is ruining the beauty of your kitchen. To solve this problem you can take it with paper before cooking on your kitchen counter. This way there will be no grease or oiliness during cooking. Remove the paper after cooking. Keep two buckets of water while cleaning the kitchen. After wiping with a wet cloth, soak it in the second bucket of water so that the dirt will be cut better.

How to clean the kitchen

Kitchen Basin Pour boiling hot water at least once a week. This will not prevent dirt in the basin.
They no longer have to be removed to remove dirt from under the oven or fridge. Wrap an old pair of socks on a broken stick. Now, if you pull the socks under the fridge, all the dirt will come out.

10 Ways to Keep Kitchen Clean

If you put a few cloves in a sugar bowl, the ants will not come. Flies can’t stand the smell of mint leaves and basil leaves. So you can spread some mint or basil leaves on the place where the flies come. This is organized with 10 more tips.

It is very important to keep the kitchen clean like all the other rooms in the house. Because this is where the necessary food for your family members is made. And food made in a dirty environment is the main cause of illness. So the kitchen should always be clean and tidy. And for this, some special care is required. Following some rules, you can know how to clean the kitchen. Let’s find out now.

Top ten cleaning tips

  1. You can put lemon slices in different corners of the kitchen to reduce the stench and insect infestation. This will reduce both odor and insects.
  2. During cooking, put tea and vegetable broth on the stove and dry it to make it hard. Rub it well with a teaspoon of salt and hot water and it will be easily cleaned.
  3. There is a bad smell in the container for keeping raw fish or meat. Dipping the pot in tea liqueur removes the stench. You can clean the pot in the same way.
  4. Use a covered garbage bin in the kitchen, it will not spread the stench.
  5. After tea-coffee stains in the cup a lot of the time. After soaking the cup in vinegar for a while, rub the cup with a little salt in the butter and the stain will go away.
  6. Use hot water with soap to clean the oil and fat of the dishes. This will eliminate the feeling of fat
  7. Try to keep the kitchen floor clean at all times. Whatever you cut fish, curry, wipe the floor immediately with a clean cloth. Spread the news of the old days of cutting and thickening. It will be much less dirty.
  8. One of the most important places in the kitchen is the sink. If there is a sink, the dishes can be cleaned very easily. To wash the dishes next to the sink, place soap or liquid beam on one side. After washing the dishes, clean the sink with liquid soap and wipe with a dry cloth.
  9. Since the kitchen is a place for food and chess, ants and flies will be a nuisance here. You can use some natural ways to survive the infestation of insects. For example, if you put a few cloves in a sugar bowl, ants will not come. Flies can’t stand the smell of mint leaves and basil leaves. So you can spread some mint or basil leaves on the place where the flies come
  10. Clean the walls and ceiling at least once a week.

Final Speech

I think you have already learned how to clean the kitchen very easily. We know that a housewife spends most of her day in the kitchen. So I want the kitchen to be clean and germ-free. If the kitchen is clean, the health of the whole family will be maintained.