Cleaning is always tiresome work. But when it comes to tile floor cleaning, it becomes more challenging. Mistakenly if you forget to clean your tile floors for days, you need to deep clean them. Because you will start to notice some dirt and filth are stuck on the grout. And that’s the essential part of the tile floor. And here comes the question of how to deep clean tile floors?
You will get your solution from this writing. Keep reading and make your tile floors shine again.

How to deep clean tile floors

Tiles have different quality and types as well. However, the cleaning method for each class is different. There are marble tiles, ceramic tiles, glass tiles, and other varieties of tiles available. At first, you need to find out what type of tiles you used on your floor. Then it would be easier for you to deep clean them properly. And how to deep clean tile floors largely depends on the tile’s type.

However, some materials can help to deep clean your tile floor. They are:

  1. Different tile cleaner
  2. Toothbrush
  3. Grout Paint
  4. Mop
  5. Vacuum cleaner
  6. Steamer

These five things are the most uses materials that can help you to clean your tile floors. But you don’t need them all. If you have two or three of them, you can easily deep clean your tile floor, and that’s what we are going to cover in this article.

Tiles cleaner

There are different types of tiles cleaner available on the market. And if you are looking for the best one, you may check our other articles on the best tiles floor cleaner. It is the first thing that can help you deep clean your floors.
When it comes to cleaning, cleaner always comes to our mind. So far, this is the easiest and quickest way to do it. Before buying any cleaner, make sure to purchase the suitable one for your particular tiles. Thus you can perfectly deep clean your tile floor.

Vacuum Cleaner

When you go to clean any dust area, a Vacuum cleaner will be the best available solution. And it can help you to clean the grout lines easily. Let’s say your kitchen or drawing room floors become dirty and you didn’t clean them for weeks.
Now you cannot use water to clean them up, can you? So what can you do now? More importantly, how to deep clean dusty tile floors?

The vacuum cleaner is the right solution in this regard. But you can use the premium cleaner too. How? Well, premium type cleaner has the vacuum cleaner along with it. That’s how you can clean your tiles floor and the grout line at the same time.

How to Deep Clean Tile Floors

Grout Paint

A grout paint is by far the best solution to clean up the grout line. On every tile floor, you will struggle to clean the grout line. As it has a very narrow space, you cannot use any cleaner there. And sometimes vacuum cleaner won’t be able to clean the strings properly.
That’s where the grout paint stands up. You can smoothly clean all the grout lines with the help of grout paint.

Tooth Brush

If you don’t have any grout paint and vacuum cleaner, you can still clean all the grout lines of your tile floors with the help of a toothbrush. Yes, you read that right.
The toothbrush is an excellent solution to clean the grout line. You can do better cleaning with a soft toothbrush. After removing dust, you can clean the tile border and line with water or any cleaner.


So, you clean up the grout line and the tiles floor with the brush or vacuum cleaner. Now you can use MOP to give it a final clean. You can also use the cleaner to do the same cleaning. Because most of the tiles cleaner have the moping system along with it. So don’t need to buy any extra Mop. It will save the Mop cost.
On the other hand, You can use the Mop to clean your Kitchen Floors. After using the kitchen for weeks, you should wash it with water to use the Mop in this regard.

Steamer to deep clean your tile floors

The Steamer is an excellent material to deep clean your tile floor. Whenever you look for the best solution to your question on Cleaning tile floors deep, the most popular answer would be to use Steamer.
The Steamer can clean the tiles floor deeply. And you can use Steamer pretty much every tile, including ceramic tiles, marvel tiles, and glass tiles.

But you cannot use the same temperature to hot the water as the different types of tiles require a different temperature. Over hot water may harm the ceramics tiles. So it would help if you were a bit careful in this case.
Therefore, before buying any steamer, make sure it has an adjustable temperature feature. So that you can get the right hot water for your desire tiles.

Things to consider While deep cleaning tile floors

We already talked about different ways to clean your tile floors. Also, we gave you the answer on How to clean tile floors deep. Now arises another critical factor.
You need to consider and keep some factors in your mind while you are doing the deep cleaning. Here you go with those critical factors.

Dry properly:

After using steam or Mop, you have to dry the tiles floor properly. Make sure there is no water left. Otherwise, there is a chance to have some spots. You can use your selling fan to dry appropriately. Also, in some cases, you can use the Vacuum cleaner instead. Whatever you use, check that there is no water on the floor. If you have a child or pet, you need to double-check the bottom.

Know your tiles:

Knowing the type of tiles is very important. You don’t need to spoil the tiles by following a wrong method to deep clean your tile floors.

Ignore the harmful chemicals:

You may hear of some chemicals to deep clean your tile floor. But be careful. If you have children and a pet in your house, there is no way to use such harmful chemicals. Also, chemicals harm the marvel and ceramics tiles.

Follow a time table:

By following a schedule, you can enjoy a clean house. A plan will help you to clean the entire tile floor once in a while. Otherwise, you may forget to clean the tile floor for a long time, and suddenly you may find the worst tile floors that may require you to put all your energy in a single day. You can make your schedule weekly or twice a week. But don’t go once a month.

Final words

We talked about every single aspect of deep cleaning. Still, you can add more options and make your guideline. This article would be the best answer to How to deep clean your tile floors so far. You can follow any one of those ways to clean your tile. Even you can follow any two or three materials together to get a better result. However, if you have any suggestions or say, comment below. We appreciate your effort and love to hear from you.