Cheese is one of the most common dairy products that make food more delicious. Who doesn’t love cheese? Even though someone may not like it. A cheese grater is necessary to shred cheese on the top of any recipe. It is not mandatory to have a cheese grater at home. When you don’t have a cheese grater, there is another way to shred that. And here you will learn how to grate cheese without a grater.

Have cheese to be Grated? A cooker or cheese lover knows the answer to it. Cheeses of big hunks do not work perfectly on most of the recipes. When you use shredded or grated cheese, other ingredients combine with cheese perfectly. But the whole bricks can’t do that. That’s why you have to grate cheese before using it on any food or dish. The cheese will increase the taste of your food.  

How to grate cheese when you don’t have a cheese grater? Here in this article, I will give you the knowledge about it. Without a grater, you also can fix cheese perfectly. Follow the undermentioned way to solve your problem of not having grater.

Using a knife

You can grate cheese with the kitchen utensils near your hand. Using a chef knife or kitchen knife is the easiest way.

Check the knife if it is sharp or not. You have to use a sharp knife. You can also sharpen it with a knife sharpener. Then you are ready to go. Take the whole cheese and lay it on a cutting board or chopping board. Ensure that the board will not count. Then cut the cheese into thin slices. You can make smaller pieces by chopping again and again.

Finally, your cheese will be ready to use. Cheese of smaller pieces is easy to shred and serve. So, here you go. A knife is the most common tool for grating cheese without a grater. I will suggest you a sharp knife in this case.  

How to grate cheese without a grater

Using vegetable peeler or cheese slicer

The cheese slicer is another method of grating cheese. For a cheese lover, it is not unusual to have a cheese slicer in your kitchen drawer.

For grating cheese with a cheese slicer, you have to place it at a right angle firstly. Then use it and make the thin shreds that you want. You have to start cutting from the corner of the cheese block. On the other hand, you can also cut cheese from the length of the cheese block. The main goal is to make thin cheese shreds from the cheese strips.

 A vegetable peeler is also usable in this case. It is an alternative way of using a cheese slicer. You can get the same result and the same effect with a cheese slicer. The vegetable peeler has to be clean. Ensure that the blade of the peeler is sharp. Then, you can work with ease and perfection.

Dusting of zester

In the case of hard cheese, lemon zester is very useful. Parmesan cheese is a hard cheese. Lemon zester can easily shred this cheese.

The way you zest orange or lemon, apply the same way to hard cheese. After zesting, you will get cheese with a powder-like consistency.

Lay the zested cheese on the top of your dishes. Then perfectly shred cheese and enjoy your food.

Using vegetable chopper

Another option instead of a cheese grater is a vegetable chopper. In the case of semi-hard and soft cheeses like cheddar and mozzarella, it works best. By sturdy vegetable chopper, you can also shred cured or hard cheeses.

To grate the cheese with a vegetable chopper, you have to take a block of cheese on your cutting board. Then shred your cheese block into small pieces. Here you will get the exact size of cheese that the chopper will fit. There are various-sized plates on a vegetable chopper. We recommend you choose one which is similar to the cheese grater.

Place the block of cheese on the texture like a cheese grater. Then press the cutting lead of the vegetable chopper down on the cheese. You can make different-sized pieces by cutting from different angles. Depending on the plate and expectations, you may repeat the process of chopping cheese.

So, a vegetable chopper is great for grating cheese without a cheese grater.

Grating cheese by a food processor

Using a food processor to grate cheese is the most effective method. It is one of the easiest methods. It will be time-saving and trouble-free if you have a food processor at your home. It may bother you when you try another method. Because you know that food processors are easy to use.

In this effective method, you have to get the shredding disk of your food processor first. Then attach the disk to the top inserted blade. Close the lid of the food processor. After locking it in place, fit the cheese cubes through the chute. Then use the food pusher of the food processor. Finally, you can get the grated cheese properly within a minute.

It will take only one or two minutes when you follow this method. Another advantage of using the food processor is that it is suitable for versatile cheeses.

You can apply it for softer cheeses, hard cheeses, or any cheese. 

Pro tips for grating cheese without a grater

Instead of investing in a good-quality cheese grater, you can follow the above five methods. I will suggest to you some pro tips to make things easier. Follow the undermentioned hacks and try those in your kitchen. Then you will enjoy your dishes with grated cheese without using any cheese grater.  

Take the right kind of cheeses.

All cheese does not shred well. Picking the right kind of cheese is also a matter during the battle of grating. Mushy and soft types of cheeses are not a perfect choice for getting great shreds. Mozzarella and camembert are such types of mushy cheese. That’s because they contain too much water or too much fat. It is better to slice these kinds of cheeses rather than grating. Cured cheeses, hard or semi-hard cheese are good options for getting good shreds.

Parmesan cheeses have the features of shredding themselves. Just rub two pieces of parmesan cheese together. Then you will get the snow like shreds. Pretty neat, right?  

Chill semi-hard and soft cheeses

It is hard to grate soft and semi-hard cheeses. It is because semi-hard cheeses are much softer than hard cheeses like parmesan cheese. You have to chill those in this case.

Put the soft cheeses in the freezer for twenty to thirty minutes. As a result, the cheese will be firmed up. Then the chilled cheese will be hard and easy to grate. Another benefit of chilling cheese is not to gunk up the blades, knife, or kitchen utensils.  

Grease blades before shredding

It may be a bothering thing when the cheese is stuck everywhere on the knife. There is an idea to get rid of this problem. You have to grease the blades before grating cheese.

Use cooking spray on the grating disk or knife. It will prevent the blades or grating disk from sticking cheese to it. Do not use the cooking spray so much. You have to coat the cutting surfaces only.   


Mandoline may work as a lifesaver option. Usually, shredding vegetables is the work of mandoline. You can also shred cheese the same way you do on vegetables.

You will find that there are different blades in the mandoline. The works of each are also separate.

Try to use the same blade that you use for vegetables. Using mandoline is an alternative method for grating cheese.

Make your own

The time-consuming way for you is making your grater at home. For grating cheese, it is a great idea. In this case, you can use an empty aluminum can or soda can. When you have a lot of cheese, you need a grater to grate those cheese. For making a grater on your own, at first, you have to take an empty can. Then wash out that aluminum can or soda can. Poke the holes. The holes would be at one side of the can. Try to make inside-out holes so that the edges can expose outside of the can. You have to pull those to make edges.  

Final Verdict

Cheese makes your dishes more delicious. Isn’t it? Shredded cheeses also allow a good look at your food. For getting great shred, cheese grater is the best option. Do not worry when you don’t have any cheese grater. Make sure that you are following the effective method properly. Then you will get shredded cheese that you want the same from the cheese grater.

Finally, make your food tasty by shredding cheeses on it. Grating cheese without a grater is not much hard. All of the pro tips and hacks will help you much. Sometimes it will give you greater shred than that of a cheese grater. So, read the full article with patience if you have troublesome grating cheese.