The kitchen is a room where food is prepared with the help of Kitchen utensils and Equipment. A modern kitchen has a stove, microwave oven, and dishwasher. A kitchen has a fridge and cabinets although the main function of the kitchen is cooking. Its shape can be the center of other work on decoration and appliances.

How to use electric ovens and microwaves:

We use the oven for a variety of cooking. An oven is an electrical appliance. Its time and temperature are controlled by a regulator. To heat a variety of foods and to prepare other foods. We should use Kitchen utensils and equipment with care. Whether the microwave is safe or not. You can use an electric oven for everyday cooking, kebabs, grills, etc.

  • The electric oven switch must be turned on.
  • Kitchen utensils and Equipment should be carefully inserted inside the oven.
  • Time must be specified by turning the time controller button.
  • Always keep the oven clean.
  • Please remember to turn it off after use.
  • Be careful, When taking out the hot pot.

Main Using Rules of refrigerator

  • The fridge usually keeps cooked food, vegetables, fruits cool and fresh.
  • There are two parts to the fridge – one is the dip we store the items on ice, the other is the one that keeps them cool under normal conditions.
  • Notice to keep the regulator at a certain temperature.
  • The fridge door should always be kept closed.

Fridge and deep fridge washing rules:

  • The switch must be turned off and the electrical connection must be disconnected.
  • Take everything out of the fridge.
  • The fridge needs to be washed with clean water.
  • Wash with a soft cloth mixed with mild soap and water.
  • Wipe with a dry cloth and a soft brush.
  • The outside of the fridge should be wiped with a liquid cleaner.
  • Items should be arranged according to the rules.
  • The fridge must be washed at least two times a month.

Juice Making Machine, Grinder, and Blender Machine:

These machines make fruit juices, spices, and crush various vegetables. Don’t use to know how to operate. You know it’s very easy to use. Just follow the manual given script.

Kitchen utensils and Equipment

To manage

  • The bread should be kept in the specified place of the machine.
  • Press the button below
  • Will have to wait for a few minutes. The machine will shut down automatically and the toasted bread will come out.
  • The toaster should be cleaned without water.
  • Caution: The switch must be switched off and the electrical connection must be disconnected for cleaning.

Rice cooker used for cooking rice:

An electric-powered machine that cooks rice. Nowadays Everybody wants to cook rice automatically. A rice cooker can do that. You have to give only the proper amount of rice and water in the cooker pot them plug the electric socket. Finally, Your rice will be cooked automatically. After cooking You should always clean the rice cooker with a dry cloth or cleaner.

Procedure step by step:

  • The amount should be cooked with water and rice.
  • The amount of water will be proportional to the rate of rice, otherwise, the rice will become soft.
  • Must be cleaned after each use.
  • The power must be disconnected during cleaning.

Use of gas stove:

Each gas-powered appliance has a furnace through which the gas flow, flame ignition, and heat are controlled as required. Depending on the type of stove, there are 2/3/4 burners.


  • I need to turn on the switch. The flame should be ignited by rotating the auto switch and connecting the fire. The flame of the fire must rise very slowly
  • Carefully place the cooking utensils on the stove. Gradually increase the flame as needed
  • Care should be taken to ensure that nothing solid or liquid gets inside the hair
  • The switch must be turned off after use
  • The stove has to be cleaned regularly.

Use of coffee making machine:

A coffee maker is an electric machine that automatically prepares coffee. Inside is a hot lid, a lid on glass or a glass of coffee, a sieve, and water. There are storage containers. if the coffee machine is switched on, the heat-conducting part heats up very quickly. Most coffee makers have a time controller through which coffee is made automatically.

Best kitchen tools Buying Guideline


  • Measure the right amount of coffee and put it in the filter.
  • Automatic coffee making machines need to be connected to electricity.
  • The right amount of water should be kept in the water storage container in the coffee making machine.
  • The automatic machine should be turned on and some time should be given to make coffee.
  • when your coffee is ready, the machine will signals.

Electric heater for heating water

Electric heaters are used for cooking in the kitchen or for heating milk, coffee, making tea, or heating water.


  • Usually, the water heater shuts off automatically. Just turn on the switch with enough water inside the flask.
  • The switch will turn off automatically as soon as the required level of water boils.
  • Be careful not to turn on the switch in any way.
  • When it is hot, you have to press the button on the top and carefully pour the hot water into another container.

Dishwasher Cleaner

(Dishwasher Machine) The modern kitchen has a separate place for washing dishes. Many times the dishwasher cleaning is done by the electric powered motor.


  • The dishwasher is very easy to operate. Dirt in cooking utensils and dishes should be cleaned.
  • Then put the items inside the cleaning machine.
  • Water and various cleaners should be used as per the rules of the utensil cleaning machine.
  • Let the cleaning machine run for an hour. Utensil cleaners should always be kept clean.

Deep fryer:

This type of electrical equipment is used to make a variety of fast food and to deep fry any type of food. It is electrically powered.

At last

We talked here using a guide about kitchen utensils and equipment, Hopefully, it will help you to handle some electric kitchen appliances.